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Today is the day!

We took our 7:00 am flight from DFW to LAX, and in a few hours we’ll be island bound!

Claudio is from California, so we’re going to take advantage of the West Coast while we can!

If it isn’t evident…I love Instagram. So I’ll be giving sneak peaks of our trip as seen by my iPhone.

We’re doing a lot of traveling this season and we love going back and reminiscing.

So we had to make a hashtag. (Can you see our kids in 10 years? “Mom, hashtags are so old school.”)

So check out #lvtakehawaii and the ever present #losvallejos for more fun along the way!

I hope everyone finds some time to relax this weekend!

Wife C

Seven Years

Phases | Los Vallejos Blog
Moon Cycle Geode // Los Vallejos BlogThis week will be bittersweet.

While I will still continue to work with children for a little while, this is my last full time week at the place to which I have referred to as my second home for quite some time. I have learned an invaluable amount of knowledge during my stay and I am eternally grateful for the opportunities I have received simply because my boss decided to, “take a chance” on me.

I served as a great many things. Friendly face, confidant, manager and friend, saleswoman, role model and even the punch line of a few jokes. But, nothing has become more real or evident to me than my love for making those around me as happy as they can possibly be.

Hellen Keller said, “True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”

A worthy purpose. Serving my community through the enrichment and support of our children is, indeed, a worthy purpose. But I am reminded of those that carry out the teaching to our younger generation and I smile as I remember the support I was able to offer them as well.

During this journey I met some incredible people. Educators that exude compassion and love for their craft, business owners that keep full speed ahead and encouraged me to keep moving and keep creating, students that astounded me with their wisdom and love…I am truly humbled by each and every person I met.

My dad has always said, “You change every seven years.”

When you’re born, you are completely helpless, you need assistance and caring every moment of the day. Then, when you’re seven, you can dress yourself and feed yourself. You have a sense of responsibility for your actions and you are beginning to understand there are benefits and consequences. Your moral compass is developing. Before you know it, you’re 14. You’re coming into that awkward phase of puberty and adolescence. Life is confusing, and you start to feel and control your emotions for the first time. After junior high and high school, you legally become an adult at 21 years young. You are walking around in this big world trying to find your place. By 28, you may have a family or career, or you may still be looking for yourself. Hopefully, you continue on for another 10 sets of seven years, continually growing and evolving, adapting to your surroundings and learning each step of the way.

If we’re using my dad’s theory, then I’m currently in my third set of seven year phases. I’m striving to make choices that I will later appreciate in cycles 4 and 5.

It was difficult to take a step down. It was difficult to make a life change. But, I am walking away with a new sense of self.

I have found renewal in the end of something great and I am taking away many friends, mentors and wonderful memories.

Shine | Los Vallejos Blog

A lot like the phases of the moon, you have different sides and they can appear changed to different people and different places. You stay the same being, but your perception is changing every day. Remember to exude positivity and shine bright, even in the darkness.


Wife C

All photos via Los Vallejos Blog

CV + CV :: Feminine Beauty // Behind the Scenes

My beautiful people,

Do you remember my peachy cocktail from this post? It was inspired by the fabulous styled shoot I had the opportunity to be a part of. Emily Allen from Cakewalk Bake Shop reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be involved. Of course I said yes! Emily and I met when she made the most adorable piñata cookies for the Los Vallejos wedding.

She sent out the list of vendors that were going to be involved and my jaw dropped from all the absolutely amazing and talented women that I would have the opportunity to work with. This list included… Lindsey Zamora of Lindsey Zamora Styling. She is literally the epitome of fabulous. From her studded tool belt to her uncanny eye for style, Lindsey is irreplaceable.

The paper was created by the wonderful Lauren Essl of Blue Eye Brown Eye, I wish I could eat her work. It’s that delicious. Check out her work on Design Love Fest, too!

Not to mention, I’m still salivating over the breath-taking flowers. Maxine, of The Southern Table, is a floral goddess. From the flower wall to the sweet laughs she brought to the group, the day would not have been the same without her. (She says her outbursts come from being an only child. It’s precious).

My hair was out of this world. Rayven, owner of Beauty and the Blush, was possibly the cutest person I’ve ever met. She is ridiculously talented. I love that she dove into her dream job head first. You go girl!

Finally, the photography. I was already in bewilderment from seeing her blog and indulging in her images. But seeing her work and how she treats her fellow creatives was inspiring. Apryl Ann is an amazing woman.

All of these women were so inspiring. I am forever captivated by their determination and talent.

They told me to keep in the air conditioning because I needed to “stay pretty“, so I snapped a few shots inside.

Los Vallejos Blog

photo 4 Los Vallejos Blog Los Vallejos Blog

You’ll have to excuse the iPhone photos. Obviously, they won’t do the true beauty of this shoot any justice. But you better believe I will let you know as soon as the actual pictures are up!

While I was inside “staying pretty“, I had the opportunity to meet a very sweet friend. One thing that I love about coming together with new people is watching relationships unfold. Lauren is an intelligent-long haired-free people model looking-horse loving lady that is just as beautiful on the inside as she is out. Her passion to take care of people and her love of cupcakes sparked an instant friendship between the two of us. Not to mention, she’s a total babe!

Lauren Fulce // Apryl Ann Photography

These women are wonderful. I hope I can one day inspire others the way they do.


There is always more to come.


Wife C


Here is the link to the feature and a few of my favorites!



Wife C

CV + CV :: HAIM // Artist Spectrum

We are so ridiculously excited to make our way down to Austin this weekend!

ACL Here we come!

But first…

A lot of artists that play ACL end up doing shows during the week in surrounding cities like Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of being graced with HAIM’s presence here in the Big D. Oh my goodness.




Seriously, I haven’t seen this much family talent since the Hanson Brothers. (90s kid shout out)

They were amazing. And funny. Let it be heard here and now…”Make out, make out, I just wanna make out, wanna get some take out?”…”Its going straight to the top” said youngest sister, Alana, about their tour bus song.

These LA based sisters totally rocked the show. It was a blast to watch them on stage together. These girls have such a great on stage chemistry. We laughed and danced all night long!

I love this video for their single “The Wire”. It shows off their funny side.

Their debut album, Days are Gone, is so good. My personal favorite is a track called Honey and I. If you haven’t listened to this album…it’s a serious must.

Opening for HAIM was IO Echo, also an LA based band, that was right on the money. Can I please get her kimono?

Los Vallejos Blog // IO Echo

I can’t even stand it I’m so excited to get to Weirdville. I’m ready to do some band lovin’ and consume some sweet, sweet Baby A’s. What chu know about them purple drinks?


Are you going to ACL? Have you listened to HAIM yet?

There is always more to come.


Wife C

CV + CV :: June 1, 2013 // Reminiscing

Hello again!

Yesterday when I talked about this weather making me nostalgic for when I first fell in love with my husband, it reminded me of something and I’ve decided to share!

The day we go married was the best day ever (I know, I just said it was our last day in Spain but I changed my mind).

It was a mild Saturday morning in June when we woke on the day of our wedding. I was so full of joy and excitement I could barely contain myself! We made our way to the venue, 809 at Vickery, to set up. Our vision was “Desert Sunset”. My bridesmaid’s dresses really set the scene. Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

So soft and precious. Each dress was a different style… from strapless, to backless and high-waisted to romper! Yes, ROMPER! One of my bridesmaids also doubled as my photographer so she didn’t want to wear a dress while she was doin’ her thang. Each girl got to choose their style and the fabric was called Horizon. Whitney Deal, the designer, is seriously the best. She sent a precious card with each dress personalized to each maid. It’s all in the details!

Our men were dressed in similar hues with homemade boutonnieres by yours truly.  We had such a fun group of guys and they all had signature looks. For their groomsmen gifts, we gave them monogrammed bow ties. Love!

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

Our ring bearer and flower girl should have won an award for being so cute.

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

Our vision for the day was to start out soft and end with a bang. Our ceremony was sweet and soulful, with pastel hues and mellow charm. In the ceremony we broke out the bright and vibrant colors for the party!

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding WorldLos Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

We had the CUTEST cookies from Cakewalk Bake Shop. Emily is literally the sweetest person you will ever meet.

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World with Cakewalk Bake Shop

Did I mention we also had a mariachi?

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

CV1 is Hispanic and I am a native Texan. We mixed our cultures throughout the whole wedding but our dinner was the most obvious blending of backgrounds. We called it, “Texas Meets Mexico”

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

Barbecue from Cousin’s and Tacos from their daughter company Digg’s. Get. Out. Of. Town. So delicious!

We spent the whole year before our wedding collecting 250 mismatched plates. It was so fun! We’ve kept our favorites and they’re now on our dining room table. Its a very sweet reminder of our special day.

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

There were so many family touches to our special day. I am incredibly thankful to have and hold these memories forever.

The best wedding gift we received was from one of the best up and coming cinematographers. Chris Verner, presented us with a fabulous stop motion video of our whole day. What a sweet surprise!

You can see that video here. Seriously, go watch it! It’s the coolest thing.

Our day was so special. I could talk about it for hours and hours. But I will let you get back to your work day. Happy Tuesday from the Vallejos!

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World//


Wife C


Venue: 809 at Vickery

Food: Diggs Tacos and Cousin’s Barbecue

Maids: Whitney Deal

Grooms: RVCA, Dockers and The Tie Bar

Music: Colin Boyd with Lauren Adele / DJ DUDEBRO

Dress: Bridal Designs, Euless, Texas

Groom: RVCA, Dockers, The Tie Bar

Flowers: Leslie Billings of Wiggy Studio

Flowergirl: H&M, Handmade Flower by Leslie Billings of Wiggy Studio

Cookies: Cakewalk Bake Shop

Photography: Letter a photography

Stop Motion Video: Chris Verner

CV + CV :: Birds of a Feather // Spanish Adventure

Hola bonitas!

Today I want to introduce you to “we”. There were seven of us enjoying this journey together and I want to give you a little background on them.

During this trip we were put into three categories by the ever-clever Papa Vallejo.

Of course you have Claudio and Carah, we are the Love Birds.
Then Husband C’s parents, Claudio Sr. and Margarita are the Middle Birds.
Last, but most definitely not least…we have the Old Birds. Grandpa Lee, Grandma Juana and Tia Juanita.

Grandpa Lee is from Malta and is very keen on all the history. The Knights of Malta were actually from Spain and there is bit of Maltan influence in Madrid. He loved to point it out each time he caught a glimpse. Which was normally followed by his signature phase of “By Joe Blimey!” In what was, undoubtedly, the most precious British accent you’ve ever heard.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

Grandma Juana took care of Lee and made sure he had everything he needed. (A lot of coffee and a shoulder to lean on, most of the time) She is a nurturing soul and her love for her husband is ever beaming. It was a beautiful example for us young Love Birds.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

Tia Juanita gave us so many giggles! She has a laugh-at-yourself sense of humor and a vivacious personality. Her style was precious with little high-heeled booties all week and bright, flowy outfits.

Each day started with coffee and breakfast. There is a Cafe & Te on almost every corner so it’s not too difficult to grab a bite to eat. I prefer a café con leche and a mini bocadilla de jamón, myself!

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure
First stop is the royal palace, Palacio Royale , and cathedral, Santa María la Real de La Almudena. The palace was similar to Versalles in France. A grand structure with many rooms all dedicated to a different ritual. The best room was probably the “Royal Dressing Room”….a huge room literally dedicated to getting ready in the morning. Sign me up!

IMG_1784 Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the palace, but we snapped some at the cathedral. Both structures were breathtaking on the inside and out. I’m still in awe of the sheer fact that they exist.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

The light in the cathedral was heavenly.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

I will live to enjoy the light” John 33:28


Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

We left the cathedral and made our way around the city, I believe mosey would be the right word here. Finding little trinkets and precious buildings along the way.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure IMG_1748bp IMG_1751bp Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

(You never say no to a matador)

I’d like to take a moment and offer a travelers tip. The weather in Madrid is mild and chilly in the morning and then quite warm in the afternoon and back to brisk in the evening. I recommend a scarf and a maxi skirt. The scarf can be worn around your neck in the morning and then to shield your face from harmful rays in the afternoon. My maxi skirt was the best! It kept be warm in the morning but it was very breathable in the afternoons. Last, go with light jewelry. You don’t want a heavy bauble necklace weighing you down or big earrings getting caught in the wind. Here’s an easy hairdo that looks great and keeps your hair off the neck when it gets warm.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure :: Travelers Tip IMG_1912bp

Life in Madrid was perfect. Completely unimaginable. I would go back in a heartbeat. My favorite day is coming up soon. So many beautiful pictures. I will let most of them speak for themselves, so look out later this week for a photo-heavy post full of images dripping with beauty. I hope as you view them, you let them take you away to paradise…even if for a moment.

There is always more to come.


Wife C

CV + CV :: Home Sweet Home // Spanish Adventure

Hello beautiful people!

Sincerest apologies for our absence. Our hotel in Spain did not have the finest Internet connection.

I hope you were able to enjoy our trip via Instagram (@littlcosmicgirl). When we popped into little Cervezarias I would jump on their wifi and post some beauties of each day.

I cannot put into words how much we cherished this adventure. But for you, I will try!

Before I take you on this journey with us, I want to share with you how I am going to do so.

We spent 6 whole days in Europe, between Madrid and Toledo. I will post a couple of days at a time and throw in a story or two about the precious treasures we came back with and other extraordinary memories.

We tried to capture quintessential España within our photos, and I hope you soak up all the sunny brilliance through our images.


I’ll start by showing you around our hotel room at Senator Gran Via. What an adorable room, let me tell you! Complete with fabulous crown molding and the most unexpectedly perfect shade of yellow that filled the walls. Get out of town!

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish AdventureLos Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

Our view did not disappoint, either. Right in the heart of Madrid, the sounds and sights were out of a Meg Ryan movie. Again…quintessential.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish AdventureLos Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish AdventureWe started our trip with our feet on the ground and ready to get out and see all that historic Madrid had to offer.

First stop is Plaza Mayor. We picked up our museum and metro passes for the week and started interacting with the locals. There are so many things to do and see. So much rich culture and so many amazing people.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish AdventureLos Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

A lot of the first day was filled with simple walks and seeing the pinnacle monuments, like the Metropolis. Which is indeed as breathtakingly beautiful as it looks. I die.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure :: Metropolis We ended our day on a rooftop bar, enjoying a cerveza and soaking in the unbelievable  view.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure


I am overjoyed to share these next few days with you. Prepare yourself for funny moments from Grandpa Lee and touching experiences with the whole family.

There is always more to come.

Wife C