MEET US | The Vallejos

I’m Carah Paisley. You can call me CP.
I am a multitude of things. Personal assistant to pregnant women, target of jokes to children much younger than me and just your all around southern scatterbrained sweetheart.


My husband is totally rad. He’s got cool glasses and Buddy Holly hair…what’s not to love?

For our families near and far, we hope you enjoy the stories and pictures from our adventures and day to day experiences.
For our friends, sorry if we are too cute to handle. There are trash receptacles at the exit for your convenience. If you feel like you’re going to be sick, please make your way to one of the receptacles by the door.

Thanks for visiting. There is always more to come.


Me? I’m the other half of CVsquared.


Born and raised in the Sunshine state and currently reside in The Lone Star State with my one and only. We share many things, except of course, she says, “y’all” and I say, “you guys”. It’s a cultural difference that I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to, but I accept her for who she is.

I have a degree in Advertising and will probably never use it. I’m always trying to learn a new hobby to put on the list of “Hobbies I don’t have time for.” I impulsively collect things and am on the hunt for that “Million Dollar Idea”, of which I’ve had a couple… but no million dollars to show for it. One day…

Our blog is about our everyday life, and we hope you can be a part of it too. Follow us on our adventure.

I hope we’re as interesting as we look.

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