CV + CV :: June 1, 2013 // Reminiscing

Hello again!

Yesterday when I talked about this weather making me nostalgic for when I first fell in love with my husband, it reminded me of something and I’ve decided to share!

The day we go married was the best day ever (I know, I just said it was our last day in Spain but I changed my mind).

It was a mild Saturday morning in June when we woke on the day of our wedding. I was so full of joy and excitement I could barely contain myself! We made our way to the venue, 809 at Vickery, to set up. Our vision was “Desert Sunset”. My bridesmaid’s dresses really set the scene. Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

So soft and precious. Each dress was a different style… from strapless, to backless and high-waisted to romper! Yes, ROMPER! One of my bridesmaids also doubled as my photographer so she didn’t want to wear a dress while she was doin’ her thang. Each girl got to choose their style and the fabric was called Horizon. Whitney Deal, the designer, is seriously the best. She sent a precious card with each dress personalized to each maid. It’s all in the details!

Our men were dressed in similar hues with homemade boutonnieres by yours truly.  We had such a fun group of guys and they all had signature looks. For their groomsmen gifts, we gave them monogrammed bow ties. Love!

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

Our ring bearer and flower girl should have won an award for being so cute.

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

Our vision for the day was to start out soft and end with a bang. Our ceremony was sweet and soulful, with pastel hues and mellow charm. In the ceremony we broke out the bright and vibrant colors for the party!

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding WorldLos Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

We had the CUTEST cookies from Cakewalk Bake Shop. Emily is literally the sweetest person you will ever meet.

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World with Cakewalk Bake Shop

Did I mention we also had a mariachi?

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

CV1 is Hispanic and I am a native Texan. We mixed our cultures throughout the whole wedding but our dinner was the most obvious blending of backgrounds. We called it, “Texas Meets Mexico”

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

Barbecue from Cousin’s and Tacos from their daughter company Digg’s. Get. Out. Of. Town. So delicious!

We spent the whole year before our wedding collecting 250 mismatched plates. It was so fun! We’ve kept our favorites and they’re now on our dining room table. Its a very sweet reminder of our special day.

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

There were so many family touches to our special day. I am incredibly thankful to have and hold these memories forever.

The best wedding gift we received was from one of the best up and coming cinematographers. Chris Verner, presented us with a fabulous stop motion video of our whole day. What a sweet surprise!

You can see that video here. Seriously, go watch it! It’s the coolest thing.

Our day was so special. I could talk about it for hours and hours. But I will let you get back to your work day. Happy Tuesday from the Vallejos!

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World//


Wife C


Venue: 809 at Vickery

Food: Diggs Tacos and Cousin’s Barbecue

Maids: Whitney Deal

Grooms: RVCA, Dockers and The Tie Bar

Music: Colin Boyd with Lauren Adele / DJ DUDEBRO

Dress: Bridal Designs, Euless, Texas

Groom: RVCA, Dockers, The Tie Bar

Flowers: Leslie Billings of Wiggy Studio

Flowergirl: H&M, Handmade Flower by Leslie Billings of Wiggy Studio

Cookies: Cakewalk Bake Shop

Photography: Letter a photography

Stop Motion Video: Chris Verner

CV + CV :: Best Day Ever // Spanish Adventure

Hello beauties,

I’ve been saving the best for last. Everyday in Spain was beautiful but this day was my most favorite.

We went to the Spanish version of Central Park, Parque del Retiro. The light was beautiful, the scent of the rose garden filled the air and it the weather could not have been more perfect.

We entered the beautiful gates and found a woman selling rosemary, she said, “It’s for good luck, it brings joy and harmony to your stay”

CV + CV // Spanish Adventure

We indulged and picked up a few sprigs

CV + CV // Spanish Adventure CV + CV // Spanish Adventure

I took in every breath with such deep fulfillment. The park is home to the one attraction I was begging to see. The Crystal Palace. It finds itself nestled in the trees towards the back of the park, so we perused on and enjoyed the scenery.

CV + CV // Spanish AdventureCV + CV // Spanish Adventure

Our passion for style was heightened overseas. Chartreuse, pale pinks, periwinkles and chambray.  They all made appearances today!

IMG_2034CV + CV // Spanish Adventure CV + CV // Spanish Adventure CV + CV // Spanish AdventureCV + CV // Spanish Adventure

Shortly after entering the Parque del Retiro, you find a gorgeous pond of sorts with street vendors and quaint little women selling all kinds of trinkets. I am the trinket queen… so I have to contain myself in situations like these. However, this time wasn’t too hard. Just beyond the railing of the pond sat the cutest baby ducks you’ve ever seen! Los Vallejos Blog // Parque del Retiro Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure We hung out with the ducks for a little bit, we even tried to pick them up! (I was trying to channel cinderella but I came up short on the woodland animal songs)

As we rounded the park and came to a clearing, I saw it. Standing right in front of me in all its glory. My heaven. Los Vallejos Blog // The Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace. My excitement could not be contained! Los Vallejos Blog // The Crystal Palace Los Vallejos Blog // The Crystal Palace

The light hit it just like I thought it would. Soft and delicate.

Los Vallejos Blog // Crystal Palace

Unfortunately, it was closed for renovation. The good news? It allowed us to see the inside completely empty. Giving way to really understand how the light works and plays with the glass.

I my heart was full.

But our tummies were empty! It was definitely time for lunch. Papizza here we come! Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish AdventureYou pick your pizza and they heat it right there in front of you. So yummy!!

With full hearts and fully stuffed stomachs, we ended our perfect day, and trip, in Spain.


Thank you so much for going on this Spainsh Adventure with us. I hope you enjoyed reading about our journey as much as we enjoyed telling you about it.

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(P.S. Day 3 has a video of our trip to Toledo!)


Wife C

CV + CV :: Music Festivals // ACL


We are getting ready for our next trip and I cannot contain my excitement!


So much hippie music goodness! (I’m going to warn your now there will be an excessive amount of exclamation points in this post)

We love Austin. Our love grows deeper with every visit and we hope to call it home one day.

Music festivals are probably one of the top three things we love the most in this world. Behind Mexican food and our fish, Julian, that is!

This weekend we will start planning our outfits and get a game plan for who we’re going to see when and where and how and why!

A lot of thought goes in to our trips. Husband C is basically a part time travel agent.

Some of the people we’re dying to see include LOCAL NATIVES (I will probably cry at this show), Grimes, Haim, The National, Vampire Weekend and for old times sake…Jimmy Eat World is also on our radar!

Deciding what we are going to wear is something to really put thought into. You want to be fashionable enough to be featured on Design Lovefest but comfortable enough to enjoy the shows and definitely be prepared for rain or shine! It’s a lot to think about.

I use Pinterest for outfit inspiration. Here are some of my favorite looks:








For my hair I will go with easy do’s and flower hand bands like this:



Are any of you going to ACL? We’re set to go the second weekend and I am so excited!

Do you have any favorite pieces you love to wear or bands you’re dying to see?


There is always more to come.

Wife C


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CV + CV :: Gathering Goods // Packing for Spain

At my senior prom I was voted “Best Dressed” of my class. It’s really the only thing I’ve ever won and some of my friends like to tease me because I am a grown woman still yapping about high school.

But even though there was no trophy or anything more than my picture in the yearbook, it was very special to me and still is. It meant that the person I was portraying through my clothing was someone that my classmates admired.

I love clothes, putting together outfits is like a work of art in which you can express how you’re feeling. Take, for example, why people wear black to funerals and why a bride wears white on her wedding day. Colors and clothes matter.

I am fortunate that I have a husband that is actually jealous of my award from senior prom. He loves looking his best and we find oursleves bonding over a new trends.

With that being said, we have to start packing in advance when we go on trips and such. If we didn’t…it would be chaos.

We are leaving for Madrid, Spain next week and we could not be more excited! We’ve started to pack a few things and I wanted to fill you in on some of our essentials.


The weather is Spain is in the mid-eighties during the day then falls to mid-sixties in the evening and into the night time. So we need to prepare for anything.

When we went to Paris last year, it was freezing and raining. Unfortunately, that trip was more of a learning experience since we didn’t bring anything heavier than blazers. Needless to day, we will be ready for anything on this adventure. Swimmys and winter coats will both be coming with!

We both picked up some new kicks for our trip. We probably need more shoes like the beach needs sand but these were just too good, there was no way they were getting left behind.

Los Vallejos Blog

Hers: Anthro // His: H&M

My sweet mother-in-law always brings back a pair of huaraches for me from Mexico every time she visits. They’re so comfortable and absolutely the cutest shoes in the world! Can I just bring all of them??

Los Vallejos Blog

Claudio loves his short sleeve button ups. Rightfully so, he looks so handsome in them! We both go through hat phases but I have to admit, his page-boy hat phase is my absolute favorite.

Los Vallejos Blog Los Vallejos Blog

I am taking a lot of flowy, solid-colored items. I love the simplicity of textured solids. Articles like lace and tule are a gift form above.

Los Valljos Blog

How could I go anywhere without my trusty chambray? It literally goes with everything, in every season and will never go out of style. At least, not in my book.

Los Vallejos Blog

Our clothes make us feel like we can show the world who we are without saying a word. 

We will be posting more about our Spain adventures over the weekend and hopefully some photos while we’re there. It is going to be a beautiful experience.


There is always more to come.


Wife C

CV + CV :: Inspo // Beholding Eyes

As we endure life, we encounter endless opportunities to be inspired.

The sheer fact that the sun shines could be enough inspiring energy to fuel you for a lifetime.

Life happens everyday, whether we want to go on or not. We keep breathing, we keep thinking and we can only hope to keep loving.
Why not find the beauty and genuine happiness with each breath. Use the world and everything in it to fuel your flame.

Enjoy being alive and well, even in the worst of moments.


I found inspiration this week from Caitlin at The Roost Blog
Her words are kind and her images are soft. She speaks to the bohemian soul in all of us.


There is always more to come

Wife C

CV + CV :: So… // 2013 VMA


Last night I went to the cutest Girls Night In at That’s Pretty Ace’s sweet little home. Be on the look out for her post coming soon! (Don’t worry, I’ll report back when it’s up)

We painted our nails and sipped on pink sangria, it was adorable. We soon remembered the Video Music Awards were schedule to air and there was rumor that N*Sync was going to have a reunion. Being children of the nineties we were so excited for the possibility to lay eyes on JC again. And let me be the first to say what everyone was thinking…Out-of-the-closet Lance is a babe!


A few quotes from the evening ::
“He’s white?” // In regards to Macklemore
“Does her tongue have a Twitter?” // In regards to Miley
“Does Zac Efron even have an album out?” // In regards to confusing Zac for Robin Thicke

We’re really funny.

I learned that I know a whole lot about Pop Culture, more than I thought I did. It must be subliminal information just seeping into my brain as I go through life.


Besides a fabulous girls night and Bruno winning his well deserved Astronaut…we have to bring up Miley. How can we NOT talk about her performance?

Teddy bears, indescribable hairdo and a furry costume turned latex? Wowza.


It was not complex, but very confusing all at the same time. A lot like a hit and run…you know something bad just happened but you’re confused and you’re just not sure what to do with your hands.

N*Sync did indeed make an appearance! Singing a few bars of Bye Bye Bye with front man JT, winner of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award. His acceptance speech was nothing less than classy, thanking his old bandmates and paying them homage by saying they would all share the trophy.

How about all the outfits? I have to say, Machlemore stole my heart with that skinny minty suit.


Did you watch the VMAs?
What did you think?
Who was your favorite?

I encourage positive facts and opinions

There’s always more to come


Wife C

PS – I was, obviously, not at the 2013 MTV VMAs. So all images are from MTV Website and can be seen HERE

CV + CV :: Cultured // Sunday Outing

Being married to a man of another culture is inspiring. Sometimes, it’s like being exposed to this whole other world that you never knew existed. There are so many things I had never heard of or tried but now I can’t live without some of them! (I really do think I would die without horchata)

On Sunday we went to a Mexican market. It’s not too different from a regular super market, but there are a couple of things that really stand out. The produce is always amazing and they’re always making something delicious so the whole place makes your mouth water.

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Oh, they also have piñatas and these cute little Mexican men!!

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Our intention was to pick up some carne asada, but we ended up perusing the store. Which, I don’t think either of us minded at all! We picked up some cactus fruit (las tunas), beans and corn tortillas to go with dinner. Going up and down the aisles you see so many bright colors! My favorite was this hot pink cake!

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

How fun is that?? We were good and we did not indulge on this trip…but better believe we will be back to satisfy our sweet tooth!

I am all about finding “treasures” on our outings. Just little trinkets that will remind me of the sweet moments we have as we go through life. This time, I picked up this little lady. Her name is Lucy.

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

She has found her place on the bedroom shelf with some other friends.

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

I live for days like these. Enjoying the things that shaped us into the people we are today, together. It fills my heart.

There is always more to come.


Wife C