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Clare Elsaesser | Etsy

I wish I could have all the wall space in the world. I would fill it with paintings, prints, lithographs and just about anything else I can hang up.

I love finding treasures. 

Often I find myself cruising around Etsy and occasionally I find items that I absolutely don’t think I can live without. I found that feeling from this amazingly talented artist, Clare Elsaesser.

Her work makes me think of the soft lines of early European painters. There is so much peace and sweetness in these pieces.Desert | Clare Elsaesser

So Much  | Clare Elsaesser

Underpinning | Clare Elsaesser

If you go to her Etsy shop, you will see the term “giclee” print. This means they are digital prints of original paintings. How amazing is that? Such beautiful texture captured in a digital format.

I don’t own any of her work quite yet, but I will anxiously await my moment of purchase and the hanging of a new treasure on my wall.

Thank you for such beautiful work, Clare!


Wife C

Styled : Bill and Kathy

I had the pleasure of styling a dear family friend’s intimate wedding reception. Bill has been my dad’s closest friend and confidant for many years. His sweet and absolutely radiant wife, Kathy, is just so wonderful.

They had a small ceremony in Paris, TX earlier in the week and my parents hosted their reception in the backyard. It couldn’t have been a sweeter event.

Bill and Kathy | Los Vallejos

They wanted a shabby-chic look with a southern charm. Bill and Kathy | Los Vallejos

Just look at this beautiful couple!Bill and Kathy | Los VallejosThey are an absolutely joy!

Bill and Kathy | Los VallejosThe florals were light, airy and fresh.Flowers TablescapeMy dad is a photographer and my mom is a hair dresser. I grew up with an innate eye for position and detail. Bill and Kathy | Los VallejosSince this was a simple and low-key gathering, it was decided that cupcakes would be perfect. But to keep the wedding theme, we had to have a small cake-topper. Literally, it was a cake that was a topper. Brilliant!Bill and Kathy | Los VallejosHow wonderful is that??Bill and Kathy | Los VallejosMost of the decor came from our own wedding…including the entertainment!Bill and Kathy | Los VallejosHow can you not love that face? Colin Boyd has been such a great friend and musician to our family. Such joy!Bill and Kathy | Los VallejosI wish I had more photos, but to tell you the truth, I was just having too much fun with some absolutely beautiful people.

Here’s to Bill and Kathy, we love you!


Wife C

Hawaii Playlist 003

This time next week we will be in Hawaii, on the beach, sipping piña coladas and sunning.

I wanted to make the perfect lounging playlist…so here ya go!

Los Vallejos | Hawaii Playlist 002

Also, you can catch Temples T O N I G H T at Club DaDa in Deep Ellum! See ya there!


Wife C

Image via Pinterest

Hair Talk

It always seems like there is a vicious cycle when it comes to my hair. I’ll cut my bangs, then miss my long style and then say, “Don’t ever let me cut my bangs again.” Then, I get bored with the long hair and chop-chop! It really is a problem.

But every time I see Alexa Chung’s perfectly whispy-do, I get that urge again.

Los Vallejos | Alexa and Olivia

I subdue these urges by swiftly typing, “Olivia Palermo” in the Pinterest search bar, to remind me that I really do love my long style.

What style do you prefer?


Wife C

Images via Pinterest

Hello Spring

Los Vallejos :: Spring is Here

Happy Spring!

Here in Texas it doesn’t last long, but it sure is glorious.


Yesterday was a big day.


I brought tickets to see my favorite band of all time. I thought it was only appropriate to use their lyrics in today’s image.

“She is a flower and I am a flower and we are alone”

Adam Duritz is my one and only.

Countdown to Counting Crows is t-minus 132 days.

When I was little, my dad would let me stay up late and we would listen to August and Everything After over and over (while snacking on bbq chips and dr. pepper…only the best midnight snack.)

Adam Duritz is like the cool uncle I never had. Counting Crows started in 1990…the year I was born. Which means they have been around my ENTIRE life.

Seeing these guys is going to be so surreal.

Not familiar with their music? Here’s a playlist of my top favorites.



Wife C

Image via Los Vallejos Blog

CV + CV :: Time Travel

Spring is time for travel, music and loving.

Last spring we were preparing to tie the knot and getting excited about Austin City Limits. (Check out that post here)

When Claudio & I first started dating we, like a lot of couples, made mixtapes. So 2000.

But music has been a big part of our relationship from the get-go. We used to try to find artists that one of us loved and we were certain the other wouldn’t have heard of them…but there weren’t very many of those. Try as we might, we couldn’t stump the other.

Concerts and festivals are our ultimate bonding experiences. We absolutely love it.

Here is our top list for up-coming shows:

Upcoming Shows

See ya there.

Wife C