CV + CV :: Time Travel

Spring is time for travel, music and loving.

Last spring we were preparing to tie the knot and getting excited about Austin City Limits. (Check out that post here)

When Claudio & I first started dating we, like a lot of couples, made mixtapes. So 2000.

But music has been a big part of our relationship from the get-go. We used to try to find artists that one of us loved and we were certain the other wouldn’t have heard of them…but there weren’t very many of those. Try as we might, we couldn’t stump the other.

Concerts and festivals are our ultimate bonding experiences. We absolutely love it.

Here is our top list for up-coming shows:

Upcoming Shows

See ya there.

Wife C

CV + CV :: Hashtag Showlife // ACL 2013


Our ACL journey was totally rad. Mind if I tell you about it?


We are usually SXSW people, but this year we ventured to the infamous Austin City Limits.

The line up was just as hot as the temperatures outside. Well-known and underground artists gracing the same stages for 3 days of outdoor hippie bliss.

Our main attractions were HAIM (learn more about this sister trio in our AS feature), Grimes, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys and finally… 

We have loved Local Natives for years. Unfortunately, in the past each time an opportunity has presented itself to see them live… something has always gotten in our way.

Not this time!


(excuse the cheesy thumbs up. I was clearly suffering from heat exhaustion + excitement)

These guys were totally rad and humble. It only deepened my appreciation for their music.


If you haven’t figured it out by now… I have a totally healthy obsession with these girls. HAIM has become a staple on my Spotify and the only vinyl I want to play.

You go girl

Grimes. What to say about Grimes? She’s not for the faint of heart or the severely dehydrated. So much dancing and spooky, funky, weird sounds all blended together by one blonde weirdo.


If you’ve never been to ACL, it’s a massive festival spanning 3 days across Zilker Park in Austin. It’s difficult to see everyone you want to see and want to be in the front? Forget about it!

But it’s an experience worth having and we would recommend it to anyone!

Check back later for some ACL tips and tricks we picked up along the way.


There is always more to come.


Wife C

CV + CV :: We’re Back // Busy Beavers


We have been in a music festivals going-baby shower planning-house hunting-new chapter in our lives whirlwind! It is a very exciting time to be a part of.

We have so much to share in the coming weeks, but I will start with a few photos from our favorite moments.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



There is always more to come.


Wife C

CV + CV :: Take ACL // Follow us

Fellow music lovers!

We are here in the ATX for the beloved Austin City Limits music festival.

We’ll be posting our experiences via Instagram during the whole weekend. We’re all about making things smarter and not harder, so you can click here for Carah’s insta and here for Claudio’s.

If you’re at ACL, @ us at @littlcosmicgirl and @mexicanclaudio and don’t forget to use the HASHTAG #ACLfest

I hope you enjoy following along with us as we soak in everything ACL has to offer!


There will definitely be more to come!

Wife C

CV + CV :: HAIM // Artist Spectrum

We are so ridiculously excited to make our way down to Austin this weekend!

ACL Here we come!

But first…

A lot of artists that play ACL end up doing shows during the week in surrounding cities like Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of being graced with HAIM’s presence here in the Big D. Oh my goodness.




Seriously, I haven’t seen this much family talent since the Hanson Brothers. (90s kid shout out)

They were amazing. And funny. Let it be heard here and now…”Make out, make out, I just wanna make out, wanna get some take out?”…”Its going straight to the top” said youngest sister, Alana, about their tour bus song.

These LA based sisters totally rocked the show. It was a blast to watch them on stage together. These girls have such a great on stage chemistry. We laughed and danced all night long!

I love this video for their single “The Wire”. It shows off their funny side.

Their debut album, Days are Gone, is so good. My personal favorite is a track called Honey and I. If you haven’t listened to this album…it’s a serious must.

Opening for HAIM was IO Echo, also an LA based band, that was right on the money. Can I please get her kimono?

Los Vallejos Blog // IO Echo

I can’t even stand it I’m so excited to get to Weirdville. I’m ready to do some band lovin’ and consume some sweet, sweet Baby A’s. What chu know about them purple drinks?


Are you going to ACL? Have you listened to HAIM yet?

There is always more to come.


Wife C

CV + CV :: Music Festivals // ACL


We are getting ready for our next trip and I cannot contain my excitement!


So much hippie music goodness! (I’m going to warn your now there will be an excessive amount of exclamation points in this post)

We love Austin. Our love grows deeper with every visit and we hope to call it home one day.

Music festivals are probably one of the top three things we love the most in this world. Behind Mexican food and our fish, Julian, that is!

This weekend we will start planning our outfits and get a game plan for who we’re going to see when and where and how and why!

A lot of thought goes in to our trips. Husband C is basically a part time travel agent.

Some of the people we’re dying to see include LOCAL NATIVES (I will probably cry at this show), Grimes, Haim, The National, Vampire Weekend and for old times sake…Jimmy Eat World is also on our radar!

Deciding what we are going to wear is something to really put thought into. You want to be fashionable enough to be featured on Design Lovefest but comfortable enough to enjoy the shows and definitely be prepared for rain or shine! It’s a lot to think about.

I use Pinterest for outfit inspiration. Here are some of my favorite looks:








For my hair I will go with easy do’s and flower hand bands like this:



Are any of you going to ACL? We’re set to go the second weekend and I am so excited!

Do you have any favorite pieces you love to wear or bands you’re dying to see?


There is always more to come.

Wife C


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