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Los Vallejos | Good DealsThere are tons of good deals out there just waiting to be taken advantage of…and I want to share them with you! If you scroll to the top of the page you’ll see a new tab called “DEALS.” This tab will have deals lasting longer than one month. At this time, we won’t be updating the Deals page with short-term events or sales, but maybe one day!

Your your convenience I’ve put a link here. Maybe you’ll find a deal to use this weekend! Happy Friday!

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CV + CV :: Feminine Beauty // Behind the Scenes

My beautiful people,

Do you remember my peachy cocktail from this post? It was inspired by the fabulous styled shoot I had the opportunity to be a part of. Emily Allen from Cakewalk Bake Shop reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be involved. Of course I said yes! Emily and I met when she made the most adorable piñata cookies for the Los Vallejos wedding.

She sent out the list of vendors that were going to be involved and my jaw dropped from all the absolutely amazing and talented women that I would have the opportunity to work with. This list included… Lindsey Zamora of Lindsey Zamora Styling. She is literally the epitome of fabulous. From her studded tool belt to her uncanny eye for style, Lindsey is irreplaceable.

The paper was created by the wonderful Lauren Essl of Blue Eye Brown Eye, I wish I could eat her work. It’s that delicious. Check out her work on Design Love Fest, too!

Not to mention, I’m still salivating over the breath-taking flowers. Maxine, of The Southern Table, is a floral goddess. From the flower wall to the sweet laughs she brought to the group, the day would not have been the same without her. (She says her outbursts come from being an only child. It’s precious).

My hair was out of this world. Rayven, owner of Beauty and the Blush, was possibly the cutest person I’ve ever met. She is ridiculously talented. I love that she dove into her dream job head first. You go girl!

Finally, the photography. I was already in bewilderment from seeing her blog and indulging in her images. But seeing her work and how she treats her fellow creatives was inspiring. Apryl Ann is an amazing woman.

All of these women were so inspiring. I am forever captivated by their determination and talent.

They told me to keep in the air conditioning because I needed to “stay pretty“, so I snapped a few shots inside.

Los Vallejos Blog

photo 4 Los Vallejos Blog Los Vallejos Blog

You’ll have to excuse the iPhone photos. Obviously, they won’t do the true beauty of this shoot any justice. But you better believe I will let you know as soon as the actual pictures are up!

While I was inside “staying pretty“, I had the opportunity to meet a very sweet friend. One thing that I love about coming together with new people is watching relationships unfold. Lauren is an intelligent-long haired-free people model looking-horse loving lady that is just as beautiful on the inside as she is out. Her passion to take care of people and her love of cupcakes sparked an instant friendship between the two of us. Not to mention, she’s a total babe!

Lauren Fulce // Apryl Ann Photography

These women are wonderful. I hope I can one day inspire others the way they do.


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Here is the link to the feature and a few of my favorites!



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CV + CV :: We’re Back // Busy Beavers


We have been in a music festivals going-baby shower planning-house hunting-new chapter in our lives whirlwind! It is a very exciting time to be a part of.

We have so much to share in the coming weeks, but I will start with a few photos from our favorite moments.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



There is always more to come.


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CV + CV :: June 1, 2013 // Reminiscing

Hello again!

Yesterday when I talked about this weather making me nostalgic for when I first fell in love with my husband, it reminded me of something and I’ve decided to share!

The day we go married was the best day ever (I know, I just said it was our last day in Spain but I changed my mind).

It was a mild Saturday morning in June when we woke on the day of our wedding. I was so full of joy and excitement I could barely contain myself! We made our way to the venue, 809 at Vickery, to set up. Our vision was “Desert Sunset”. My bridesmaid’s dresses really set the scene. Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

So soft and precious. Each dress was a different style… from strapless, to backless and high-waisted to romper! Yes, ROMPER! One of my bridesmaids also doubled as my photographer so she didn’t want to wear a dress while she was doin’ her thang. Each girl got to choose their style and the fabric was called Horizon. Whitney Deal, the designer, is seriously the best. She sent a precious card with each dress personalized to each maid. It’s all in the details!

Our men were dressed in similar hues with homemade boutonnieres by yours truly.  We had such a fun group of guys and they all had signature looks. For their groomsmen gifts, we gave them monogrammed bow ties. Love!

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

Our ring bearer and flower girl should have won an award for being so cute.

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

Our vision for the day was to start out soft and end with a bang. Our ceremony was sweet and soulful, with pastel hues and mellow charm. In the ceremony we broke out the bright and vibrant colors for the party!

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding WorldLos Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

We had the CUTEST cookies from Cakewalk Bake Shop. Emily is literally the sweetest person you will ever meet.

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World with Cakewalk Bake Shop

Did I mention we also had a mariachi?

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

CV1 is Hispanic and I am a native Texan. We mixed our cultures throughout the whole wedding but our dinner was the most obvious blending of backgrounds. We called it, “Texas Meets Mexico”

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

Barbecue from Cousin’s and Tacos from their daughter company Digg’s. Get. Out. Of. Town. So delicious!

We spent the whole year before our wedding collecting 250 mismatched plates. It was so fun! We’ve kept our favorites and they’re now on our dining room table. Its a very sweet reminder of our special day.

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World

There were so many family touches to our special day. I am incredibly thankful to have and hold these memories forever.

The best wedding gift we received was from one of the best up and coming cinematographers. Chris Verner, presented us with a fabulous stop motion video of our whole day. What a sweet surprise!

You can see that video here. Seriously, go watch it! It’s the coolest thing.

Our day was so special. I could talk about it for hours and hours. But I will let you get back to your work day. Happy Tuesday from the Vallejos!

Los Vallejos Blog // Wedding World//


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Venue: 809 at Vickery

Food: Diggs Tacos and Cousin’s Barbecue

Maids: Whitney Deal

Grooms: RVCA, Dockers and The Tie Bar

Music: Colin Boyd with Lauren Adele / DJ DUDEBRO

Dress: Bridal Designs, Euless, Texas

Groom: RVCA, Dockers, The Tie Bar

Flowers: Leslie Billings of Wiggy Studio

Flowergirl: H&M, Handmade Flower by Leslie Billings of Wiggy Studio

Cookies: Cakewalk Bake Shop

Photography: Letter a photography

Stop Motion Video: Chris Verner

CV + CV :: Floral Fields // Trending

Recently, there are been a lot of flower headbands out there in the universe. Some are big and flashy while others are boho and dainty. I’m obsessed with all of them! They speak to the flower child inside of me just dying to get out.

I’ve been making a few of my own. They’ll be making their debut in Spain next week!

How do you wear your botanical beauties?

Los Vallejos BlogLos Vallejos Blog


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CV + CV :: Part 2 // Austin, TX

If you’re just tuning in, this is day two of our Austin expedition. To see what happen on day one, you can click here:


So, now that we’re full to the brim with tacos and horchata, it was time for our day about town. We had quite a bit on the list. But everything on our list could fall into two categories: Record Stores and Vintage Shops. Lucky for us, in Austin there is no shortage of either things. Not to mention they are all right next door to each other! So we would pull up, get out and go our separate ways…while constantly texting each other our super-cool rare finds. It really was great. Our first stop was Claudio’s favorite.

Claudio found himself at End of an Ear. This awesome record shop where he picked up a Coldplay single, Air: Moon Safari and Diarrhea Planet. Yes, you read right.

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

I don’t ask questions, I just smile. Anyways, it really was a cool shop. SO MANY options and the woman working the register brought her four year old with her, she was so precious! Her name was Olive. So Austin.

If you follow my instagram, then you have seen that I am head-over-heels obsessed with this cactus flower. I’ve never seen ANYTHING like it ::

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Behind the building we stumbled across this quirky little set up. It resembled a artist shed… but with a serious ‘tude. This place was way cool.

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

I visited a super cute vintage store called Ragalicious where I picked up the CUTEST Mexican party dress. You better believe I’m wearing it to my next party! Ole! So, like I said, CV1 would go one way and CV2 would go the other way with these shops. When I tried on the party dress, I came out of the dressing room and asked the cute little girl working what she thought of it – let me tell you, you would think we were life long friends! She also gave me this the amazing guide to all things resell in Austin! If you into vintage shopping at all, this is the guide to use!

My absolute favorite vintage store was Blue Velvet. It is the holy grail of v-shopping.

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

(By the way, I’m going to shorten vintage shopping to just ‘v-shopping’, deal?) But really, Blue Velvet was the cutest and had such interesting pieces! I ended up with this mod 60s mini dress and I couldn’t help myself…I put it on before dinner! It was the second best decision I had made that day. The first was buying the dress, obviously.

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Later that night we went to Stubbs, the original Austin barbecue. Wowza! I had the pulled work and CV1 had the chopped beef brisket, both of us had sweet tea and we were in foodie heaven! So delicious.

After dinner we ventured to South Congress and 6th street, but more about that and the trip home in Part 3!


There is always more to come.


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