Summer Shoes | Under $100

Best Summer Sandals Under $100 | Los Vallejos

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I searched all 48 pages of the Nordstrom shoe section just for you, in search for the trifecta of summer shoe-wear…for under $100.

 I had 3 requirements to make this list.


I started by looking for the perfect brown sandal. I wanted something with a rugged feel, but still keeping simplicity of summertime. These Franco Sarto slip ons would be great for going to brunch, running to the market, or even to the beach!

Then I went in search of a summer bootie. (pun intended) I thought about grey or even a minted blue. But when I saw these Topshop white pep toes, I died. They’re fresh and bright without sacrificing the chicness of a trendy heel. These would be great for a summer wedding, seeing as the heel is thick enough, you don’t sink in the dewy grass. You could also pair them with jeans and a slinky tank for a balmy night out.

Last, I came upon these quintessential black braided slings. The double strap gives it a more sophisticated feel, while the simple soul and traditional clasp keep it casual. These are perfect for everyday wear and they will never go out of style.

Happy Shopping!


Wife C

Want List – 001

Los Vallejos | Spring Wantlist

Like I said last week, Spring doesn’t last very long in Texas. But while it is here, us natives realllllly enjoy it! We also enjoy a partaking in a little spring cleaning and making room for new items. I was so pleased while doing this project to find that there are some really good deals out there this year! Being on a budget can be difficult, but none of these pieces will elicit buyers remorse…guaranteed!

1. These flouncy tops from H&M are so fab. H&M always has great basics. These are so inexpensive…I want them both!

2. This denim Jacket from J.Crew is just heaven. However, it’s a splurge if you’re on a budget. So this denim jacket from J.Crew Factory is less than half the price with all the quality. Blamo!

3. These black skinnies are THE item to have. In fact, I wish I could pass a law to say that every woman should own a pair. I can wish can’t I?

4. This Essie Color is called Borrowed and Blue. It looks light, but it goes on the prettiest shade of blue you’ve ever seen. I’m currently wearing it…check out my Instagram later, I’ll post a picture!

5. Okay. these sunnies are so amazing. AND they come in THREE colors! Get out. Can you see yourself wearing these at your next music festival? Because I can, and you look perfect.

6. This cuff. You. Me. Right now. Let’s go. If you live in Dallas and you haven’t been to Milk and Honey then you’re not doing it right. This boutique gives me reason to live.

7. I dream about these studs. Like, I’m not kidding. I had a dream I went to a Kendra Scott store and bought these earrings. It doesn’t help that I am completely obsessed with everything in the Atlantic Collection. I honestly look at it multiple times a day to make sure it’s still there. I have a problem…a very beautiful problem.


I hope this list encourages you to do a little spring cleaning. Out with the old and in with the new, I say! Even try taking your old clothes to a Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet to get some cash to spend on new beauties! These pieces will update your wardrobe in a snap and can be worn with just about anything.


Wife C

CV + CV :: Hashtag Showlife // ACL 2013


Our ACL journey was totally rad. Mind if I tell you about it?


We are usually SXSW people, but this year we ventured to the infamous Austin City Limits.

The line up was just as hot as the temperatures outside. Well-known and underground artists gracing the same stages for 3 days of outdoor hippie bliss.

Our main attractions were HAIM (learn more about this sister trio in our AS feature), Grimes, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys and finally… 

We have loved Local Natives for years. Unfortunately, in the past each time an opportunity has presented itself to see them live… something has always gotten in our way.

Not this time!


(excuse the cheesy thumbs up. I was clearly suffering from heat exhaustion + excitement)

These guys were totally rad and humble. It only deepened my appreciation for their music.


If you haven’t figured it out by now… I have a totally healthy obsession with these girls. HAIM has become a staple on my Spotify and the only vinyl I want to play.

You go girl

Grimes. What to say about Grimes? She’s not for the faint of heart or the severely dehydrated. So much dancing and spooky, funky, weird sounds all blended together by one blonde weirdo.


If you’ve never been to ACL, it’s a massive festival spanning 3 days across Zilker Park in Austin. It’s difficult to see everyone you want to see and want to be in the front? Forget about it!

But it’s an experience worth having and we would recommend it to anyone!

Check back later for some ACL tips and tricks we picked up along the way.


There is always more to come.


Wife C

CV + CV :: Feminine Beauty // Behind the Scenes

My beautiful people,

Do you remember my peachy cocktail from this post? It was inspired by the fabulous styled shoot I had the opportunity to be a part of. Emily Allen from Cakewalk Bake Shop reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be involved. Of course I said yes! Emily and I met when she made the most adorable piñata cookies for the Los Vallejos wedding.

She sent out the list of vendors that were going to be involved and my jaw dropped from all the absolutely amazing and talented women that I would have the opportunity to work with. This list included… Lindsey Zamora of Lindsey Zamora Styling. She is literally the epitome of fabulous. From her studded tool belt to her uncanny eye for style, Lindsey is irreplaceable.

The paper was created by the wonderful Lauren Essl of Blue Eye Brown Eye, I wish I could eat her work. It’s that delicious. Check out her work on Design Love Fest, too!

Not to mention, I’m still salivating over the breath-taking flowers. Maxine, of The Southern Table, is a floral goddess. From the flower wall to the sweet laughs she brought to the group, the day would not have been the same without her. (She says her outbursts come from being an only child. It’s precious).

My hair was out of this world. Rayven, owner of Beauty and the Blush, was possibly the cutest person I’ve ever met. She is ridiculously talented. I love that she dove into her dream job head first. You go girl!

Finally, the photography. I was already in bewilderment from seeing her blog and indulging in her images. But seeing her work and how she treats her fellow creatives was inspiring. Apryl Ann is an amazing woman.

All of these women were so inspiring. I am forever captivated by their determination and talent.

They told me to keep in the air conditioning because I needed to “stay pretty“, so I snapped a few shots inside.

Los Vallejos Blog

photo 4 Los Vallejos Blog Los Vallejos Blog

You’ll have to excuse the iPhone photos. Obviously, they won’t do the true beauty of this shoot any justice. But you better believe I will let you know as soon as the actual pictures are up!

While I was inside “staying pretty“, I had the opportunity to meet a very sweet friend. One thing that I love about coming together with new people is watching relationships unfold. Lauren is an intelligent-long haired-free people model looking-horse loving lady that is just as beautiful on the inside as she is out. Her passion to take care of people and her love of cupcakes sparked an instant friendship between the two of us. Not to mention, she’s a total babe!

Lauren Fulce // Apryl Ann Photography

These women are wonderful. I hope I can one day inspire others the way they do.


There is always more to come.


Wife C


Here is the link to the feature and a few of my favorites!



Wife C

CV + CV :: Foxy // Trending

With each new season comes new trends and quirks. New little treasures to place around the house and quirky outfits that make you smile. I can say wholeheartedly that fall is my favorite season. It’s when the leaves turn amber shades, when family comes together and on a personal note, it always makes me nostalgic for when I fell in love with my husband.

This year, my favorite trend is anything fox related.

I love their pouffy little tails, the orangey color of their fur and the little heart shaped noses. I just love all the things! I’ve picked out some of my favorites for this season.

How about this foxy man from Etsy shop Chasing the Crayon? I just want to cuddle with him! Her whole shop if full of whimsy and precious prints. I want them all!

Los Vallejos Blog // via Etsy

How about this cozy sweater from Urban Outfitters? I want to pair it with leggings, boots and a big scarf! (Check out ways to tie a scarf from TPA in related articles!)

Los Vallejos Blog // Via Urban Outfitters

Wouldn’t this rug from Anthro be just precious? Picture it now! I see it in my entry way welcoming everyone that comes through our door.

Los Vallejos Blog // Via Anthro

Just dropping by to say hello? How about this perfectly adorable card from Rifle Paper Co? I would be delighted to receive this happy little guy.

Los Vallejos Blog // Via Rifle Paper Co

What are your favorite fall trends?


There is always more to come!



CV + CV :: Inquiring Minds // Why us?

Bonjour beautiful people!

Recently, we have had some questions as to why we started our blog. Right now it is evident, blogs are booming in the universe. Most can be considered Lifestyle Blogs. These are sites that dive into a wide variety of topics. DIY, fashion, recipes, photography, etc… Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess do a fabulous job at giving their followers a peak into their lives. You feel like you know them. One of my dearest friends, Brittany, has started That’s Pretty Ace. A blog full of clean lines and pictures perfect.

The goal of our little bloghome is to inspire you. Inspire you to create with your hands, travel the world, love freely and give often. We have a passion for living and making our universe a happier place to live.

Selfishly, this is a creative outlet. Most of our days we aren’t living up to our full creative potential but with this blog we get a little closer to reaching a happy medium between reality and dreams.

 If you have comments or questions, please feel free to ask. If something we post speaks to you and encourages you to get out and do something, share it with the world! These words on the screen are meant to move you. May our travels be guides to your own adventures and our style beckon at your own.