Today is the day!

We took our 7:00 am flight from DFW to LAX, and in a few hours we’ll be island bound!

Claudio is from California, so we’re going to take advantage of the West Coast while we can!

If it isn’t evident…I love Instagram. So I’ll be giving sneak peaks of our trip as seen by my iPhone.

We’re doing a lot of traveling this season and we love going back and reminiscing.

So we had to make a hashtag. (Can you see our kids in 10 years? “Mom, hashtags are so old school.”)

So check out #lvtakehawaii and the ever present #losvallejos for more fun along the way!

I hope everyone finds some time to relax this weekend!

Wife C

Travel Season

We love to travel, and, thankfully, we’re fortunate enough to have many opportunities to do so. It is such a joy to share our travels with the world here at LV. This year we’re planning a few excursions!

Los Vallejos | Summer Vacation

We’ll take many trips to Austin, our muse, during the summer. It’s a fun and easy get away. It’s always a good idea to try and find a way to stay with friends. It’s inexpensive, and you get quality time with people you don’t see very often.

We’re running away to the islands in May with Claudio’s family. It will be my only week off of school for the entire year…so where better to spend it than soaking up the sun and sipping out of a pineapple?

Finally, we’re making our way up to Chi-town with some friends later in the summer. We have wanted to visit the Windy City for a while now and we’re thrilled to be traveling with such great friends!

In June we’ll celebrate our first year of marriage. We haven’t decided where we’re going, but you can be sure we’ll be jumping on a plane to somewhere! Any suggestions?


Wife C

Images via Bldg. 25

CV + CV :: Music Festivals // ACL


We are getting ready for our next trip and I cannot contain my excitement!


So much hippie music goodness! (I’m going to warn your now there will be an excessive amount of exclamation points in this post)

We love Austin. Our love grows deeper with every visit and we hope to call it home one day.

Music festivals are probably one of the top three things we love the most in this world. Behind Mexican food and our fish, Julian, that is!

This weekend we will start planning our outfits and get a game plan for who we’re going to see when and where and how and why!

A lot of thought goes in to our trips. Husband C is basically a part time travel agent.

Some of the people we’re dying to see include LOCAL NATIVES (I will probably cry at this show), Grimes, Haim, The National, Vampire Weekend and for old times sake…Jimmy Eat World is also on our radar!

Deciding what we are going to wear is something to really put thought into. You want to be fashionable enough to be featured on Design Lovefest but comfortable enough to enjoy the shows and definitely be prepared for rain or shine! It’s a lot to think about.

I use Pinterest for outfit inspiration. Here are some of my favorite looks:








For my hair I will go with easy do’s and flower hand bands like this:



Are any of you going to ACL? We’re set to go the second weekend and I am so excited!

Do you have any favorite pieces you love to wear or bands you’re dying to see?


There is always more to come.

Wife C


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CV + CV :: Birds of a Feather // Spanish Adventure

Hola bonitas!

Today I want to introduce you to “we”. There were seven of us enjoying this journey together and I want to give you a little background on them.

During this trip we were put into three categories by the ever-clever Papa Vallejo.

Of course you have Claudio and Carah, we are the Love Birds.
Then Husband C’s parents, Claudio Sr. and Margarita are the Middle Birds.
Last, but most definitely not least…we have the Old Birds. Grandpa Lee, Grandma Juana and Tia Juanita.

Grandpa Lee is from Malta and is very keen on all the history. The Knights of Malta were actually from Spain and there is bit of Maltan influence in Madrid. He loved to point it out each time he caught a glimpse. Which was normally followed by his signature phase of “By Joe Blimey!” In what was, undoubtedly, the most precious British accent you’ve ever heard.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

Grandma Juana took care of Lee and made sure he had everything he needed. (A lot of coffee and a shoulder to lean on, most of the time) She is a nurturing soul and her love for her husband is ever beaming. It was a beautiful example for us young Love Birds.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

Tia Juanita gave us so many giggles! She has a laugh-at-yourself sense of humor and a vivacious personality. Her style was precious with little high-heeled booties all week and bright, flowy outfits.

Each day started with coffee and breakfast. There is a Cafe & Te on almost every corner so it’s not too difficult to grab a bite to eat. I prefer a café con leche and a mini bocadilla de jamón, myself!

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure
First stop is the royal palace, Palacio Royale , and cathedral, Santa María la Real de La Almudena. The palace was similar to Versalles in France. A grand structure with many rooms all dedicated to a different ritual. The best room was probably the “Royal Dressing Room”….a huge room literally dedicated to getting ready in the morning. Sign me up!

IMG_1784 Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the palace, but we snapped some at the cathedral. Both structures were breathtaking on the inside and out. I’m still in awe of the sheer fact that they exist.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

The light in the cathedral was heavenly.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

I will live to enjoy the light” John 33:28


Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

We left the cathedral and made our way around the city, I believe mosey would be the right word here. Finding little trinkets and precious buildings along the way.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure IMG_1748bp IMG_1751bp Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

(You never say no to a matador)

I’d like to take a moment and offer a travelers tip. The weather in Madrid is mild and chilly in the morning and then quite warm in the afternoon and back to brisk in the evening. I recommend a scarf and a maxi skirt. The scarf can be worn around your neck in the morning and then to shield your face from harmful rays in the afternoon. My maxi skirt was the best! It kept be warm in the morning but it was very breathable in the afternoons. Last, go with light jewelry. You don’t want a heavy bauble necklace weighing you down or big earrings getting caught in the wind. Here’s an easy hairdo that looks great and keeps your hair off the neck when it gets warm.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure :: Travelers Tip IMG_1912bp

Life in Madrid was perfect. Completely unimaginable. I would go back in a heartbeat. My favorite day is coming up soon. So many beautiful pictures. I will let most of them speak for themselves, so look out later this week for a photo-heavy post full of images dripping with beauty. I hope as you view them, you let them take you away to paradise…even if for a moment.

There is always more to come.


Wife C

CV + CV :: Home Sweet Home // Spanish Adventure

Hello beautiful people!

Sincerest apologies for our absence. Our hotel in Spain did not have the finest Internet connection.

I hope you were able to enjoy our trip via Instagram (@littlcosmicgirl). When we popped into little Cervezarias I would jump on their wifi and post some beauties of each day.

I cannot put into words how much we cherished this adventure. But for you, I will try!

Before I take you on this journey with us, I want to share with you how I am going to do so.

We spent 6 whole days in Europe, between Madrid and Toledo. I will post a couple of days at a time and throw in a story or two about the precious treasures we came back with and other extraordinary memories.

We tried to capture quintessential España within our photos, and I hope you soak up all the sunny brilliance through our images.


I’ll start by showing you around our hotel room at Senator Gran Via. What an adorable room, let me tell you! Complete with fabulous crown molding and the most unexpectedly perfect shade of yellow that filled the walls. Get out of town!

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish AdventureLos Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

Our view did not disappoint, either. Right in the heart of Madrid, the sounds and sights were out of a Meg Ryan movie. Again…quintessential.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish AdventureLos Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish AdventureWe started our trip with our feet on the ground and ready to get out and see all that historic Madrid had to offer.

First stop is Plaza Mayor. We picked up our museum and metro passes for the week and started interacting with the locals. There are so many things to do and see. So much rich culture and so many amazing people.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish AdventureLos Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure

A lot of the first day was filled with simple walks and seeing the pinnacle monuments, like the Metropolis. Which is indeed as breathtakingly beautiful as it looks. I die.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure :: Metropolis We ended our day on a rooftop bar, enjoying a cerveza and soaking in the unbelievable  view.

Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure Los Vallejos Blog // Spanish Adventure


I am overjoyed to share these next few days with you. Prepare yourself for funny moments from Grandpa Lee and touching experiences with the whole family.

There is always more to come.

Wife C

CV + CV :: Gathering Goods // Packing for Spain

At my senior prom I was voted “Best Dressed” of my class. It’s really the only thing I’ve ever won and some of my friends like to tease me because I am a grown woman still yapping about high school.

But even though there was no trophy or anything more than my picture in the yearbook, it was very special to me and still is. It meant that the person I was portraying through my clothing was someone that my classmates admired.

I love clothes, putting together outfits is like a work of art in which you can express how you’re feeling. Take, for example, why people wear black to funerals and why a bride wears white on her wedding day. Colors and clothes matter.

I am fortunate that I have a husband that is actually jealous of my award from senior prom. He loves looking his best and we find oursleves bonding over a new trends.

With that being said, we have to start packing in advance when we go on trips and such. If we didn’t…it would be chaos.

We are leaving for Madrid, Spain next week and we could not be more excited! We’ve started to pack a few things and I wanted to fill you in on some of our essentials.


The weather is Spain is in the mid-eighties during the day then falls to mid-sixties in the evening and into the night time. So we need to prepare for anything.

When we went to Paris last year, it was freezing and raining. Unfortunately, that trip was more of a learning experience since we didn’t bring anything heavier than blazers. Needless to day, we will be ready for anything on this adventure. Swimmys and winter coats will both be coming with!

We both picked up some new kicks for our trip. We probably need more shoes like the beach needs sand but these were just too good, there was no way they were getting left behind.

Los Vallejos Blog

Hers: Anthro // His: H&M

My sweet mother-in-law always brings back a pair of huaraches for me from Mexico every time she visits. They’re so comfortable and absolutely the cutest shoes in the world! Can I just bring all of them??

Los Vallejos Blog

Claudio loves his short sleeve button ups. Rightfully so, he looks so handsome in them! We both go through hat phases but I have to admit, his page-boy hat phase is my absolute favorite.

Los Vallejos Blog Los Vallejos Blog

I am taking a lot of flowy, solid-colored items. I love the simplicity of textured solids. Articles like lace and tule are a gift form above.

Los Valljos Blog

How could I go anywhere without my trusty chambray? It literally goes with everything, in every season and will never go out of style. At least, not in my book.

Los Vallejos Blog

Our clothes make us feel like we can show the world who we are without saying a word. 

We will be posting more about our Spain adventures over the weekend and hopefully some photos while we’re there. It is going to be a beautiful experience.


There is always more to come.


Wife C