Clare Elsaesser | Etsy

I wish I could have all the wall space in the world. I would fill it with paintings, prints, lithographs and just about anything else I can hang up.

I love finding treasures. 

Often I find myself cruising around Etsy and occasionally I find items that I absolutely don’t think I can live without. I found that feeling from this amazingly talented artist, Clare Elsaesser.

Her work makes me think of the soft lines of early European painters. There is so much peace and sweetness in these pieces.Desert | Clare Elsaesser

So Much  | Clare Elsaesser

Underpinning | Clare Elsaesser

If you go to her Etsy shop, you will see the term “giclee” print. This means they are digital prints of original paintings. How amazing is that? Such beautiful texture captured in a digital format.

I don’t own any of her work quite yet, but I will anxiously await my moment of purchase and the hanging of a new treasure on my wall.

Thank you for such beautiful work, Clare!


Wife C

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