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Happy Wednesday!

Growing up, my mom would walk around department stores, or home furnishing stores saying, “I could make that”.

Ask anyone that has ever gone shopping with me…I do it, too.

There is just something so satisfying about “doing it yourself”.

I have a few favorite places I go for ideas and inspiration for DIY projects. Just click on the logos to be inspired!

I’ve talked about Elsie and Emma before, they’re just so much fun! All the bright colors and fun textures.


Sara and Rocky Garza are a Dallas-based photographer couple that started a blog for their 1926 Tudor home renovation. I love anything to do with renovations, so I am all over their savvy style.


Molly is a punchy LA lady with tons of awesome DIY ideas and some killer recipes.


I started following Free People on my Pinterest and discovered that they have the best blog! It covers everything from food, to fashion to DIY. I’m just obsessed with it. Do your self (and your Christmas present receivers) a favor and check it out.


I hope these links inspired you!

There is always more to come.


Wife C

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