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I am so ready to take a little time for some serious R&R.

Even though this year is just barely a fourth of the way through, it has been one crazy year so far.

When planning a trip, deciding what I am going to take and wear is among one of my favorite parts. This year, it seems I have developed a jewel-toned street style.

Recently, I discovered that the mens t-shirts at H&M fit perfectly and give me that effortless look I’ve been searching for. I have obtained quite a few since that discovery and I love just throwing one on and giving it a little front tuck on the way out the door.

My girlfriend Ashley sent me a picture of those cat-eye sunnies at Nordstrom and I have been pretty much obsessed with them. I love the retro vibe they give off, so I’m totally stoked to wear them with my streamlined high-waisted swimsuit.

A little over one week and counting to relaxation station.


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Seven Years

Phases | Los Vallejos Blog
Moon Cycle Geode // Los Vallejos BlogThis week will be bittersweet.

While I will still continue to work with children for a little while, this is my last full time week at the place to which I have referred to as my second home for quite some time. I have learned an invaluable amount of knowledge during my stay and I am eternally grateful for the opportunities I have received simply because my boss decided to, “take a chance” on me.

I served as a great many things. Friendly face, confidant, manager and friend, saleswoman, role model and even the punch line of a few jokes. But, nothing has become more real or evident to me than my love for making those around me as happy as they can possibly be.

Hellen Keller said, “True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”

A worthy purpose. Serving my community through the enrichment and support of our children is, indeed, a worthy purpose. But I am reminded of those that carry out the teaching to our younger generation and I smile as I remember the support I was able to offer them as well.

During this journey I met some incredible people. Educators that exude compassion and love for their craft, business owners that keep full speed ahead and encouraged me to keep moving and keep creating, students that astounded me with their wisdom and love…I am truly humbled by each and every person I met.

My dad has always said, “You change every seven years.”

When you’re born, you are completely helpless, you need assistance and caring every moment of the day. Then, when you’re seven, you can dress yourself and feed yourself. You have a sense of responsibility for your actions and you are beginning to understand there are benefits and consequences. Your moral compass is developing. Before you know it, you’re 14. You’re coming into that awkward phase of puberty and adolescence. Life is confusing, and you start to feel and control your emotions for the first time. After junior high and high school, you legally become an adult at 21 years young. You are walking around in this big world trying to find your place. By 28, you may have a family or career, or you may still be looking for yourself. Hopefully, you continue on for another 10 sets of seven years, continually growing and evolving, adapting to your surroundings and learning each step of the way.

If we’re using my dad’s theory, then I’m currently in my third set of seven year phases. I’m striving to make choices that I will later appreciate in cycles 4 and 5.

It was difficult to take a step down. It was difficult to make a life change. But, I am walking away with a new sense of self.

I have found renewal in the end of something great and I am taking away many friends, mentors and wonderful memories.

Shine | Los Vallejos Blog

A lot like the phases of the moon, you have different sides and they can appear changed to different people and different places. You stay the same being, but your perception is changing every day. Remember to exude positivity and shine bright, even in the darkness.


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Caterday 002

I love music, but even more than that, I love sharing music.

I recently asked my brother’s girlfriend if she knew who Sarah Jaffe was…

she didn’t.

That had to change.

It prompted me to put together a playlist of my (current) favorite ladies in music.

Here’s to Cate.

Caterday Playlist / Los Vallejos



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The Austin Batch | Los Vallejos

A beautiful friend is getting married this month. Over the weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate her in the best city. So much laughter and wine!

We coined the hashtag #theaustinbatch

Check out the other photos with the hashtag on my Instagram

What we did:

Food: Hopfields & Kerby Lane

Tour: Discover Texas Wine Tour, specificallly the Hill Country Tour (Yeah Salt Lick Cellars!)

Vinyl: Breakaway Records

Vintage: Blue Velvet


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Home Room

Los Vallejos | Home Finds Spring Edition

I love redecorating. I do it probably more than I should! I just love the feeling of satisfaction you get from seeing it all come together, piece by piece.

I have a lot of love for each of the stores and sites I pulled from for this post.

Los Vallejos | Home Finds Spring Edition

1. My beloved Urban Outfitters. Your one stop shop for almost everything you need. These woven banners are too cool. I have a vintage woven banner from my grandma and I am sure she would get along very well with these beauties. (The banners…and my grandma!)

2. Target did not disappoint this season. There is a lot of white and woven going on there. This bench would be perfect at your desk or nested under your side table to use at a footrest when you’re lounging. Don’t you love it?

3. If you’re brave enough to make the trek to Ikea, then this lamp should be on your list. It’s difficult to see in my photo, but it has copper detailing on the top and bottom, with exposed wire covers in a dark grey. Even better? It’s name is actually pronounceable! It’s called the “Ranarap.”

4. We love a good cactus. But we really love a good cactus in a sweet skull planter. Etsy, get down with your bad self!

5. Another Etsy treasure is this raw, hammered copper business card holder. Think about how amazing your business cards would look in your home office?


The thing I love most about these items is their versatility and ability to transcend the seasons. Add pops of color with fresh flowers and you’re ready to go for spring and summer!


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Image via Style Me Pretty

Where the Deals At?

Los Vallejos | Good DealsThere are tons of good deals out there just waiting to be taken advantage of…and I want to share them with you! If you scroll to the top of the page you’ll see a new tab called “DEALS.” This tab will have deals lasting longer than one month. At this time, we won’t be updating the Deals page with short-term events or sales, but maybe one day!

Your your convenience I’ve put a link here. Maybe you’ll find a deal to use this weekend! Happy Friday!

Steals and Deals


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Hair Talk

It always seems like there is a vicious cycle when it comes to my hair. I’ll cut my bangs, then miss my long style and then say, “Don’t ever let me cut my bangs again.” Then, I get bored with the long hair and chop-chop! It really is a problem.

But every time I see Alexa Chung’s perfectly whispy-do, I get that urge again.

Los Vallejos | Alexa and Olivia

I subdue these urges by swiftly typing, “Olivia Palermo” in the Pinterest search bar, to remind me that I really do love my long style.

What style do you prefer?


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