Precious Stones

Geode Jewelry DIY CoverYou guys.

This was so fun!

I bought a few whole geodes and cracked them open myself…with a hammer. The process of watching a somewhat unsightly rock burst open to find beautiful, crystal-like forms is so invigorating! It’s too bad I don’t have any photos of that…it really was entertaining. (Not to mention a great stress reliever) I used the larger pieces for decoration but I wanted to carry this small nugget around with me, so I made a necklace!


1. Small wire, the size of the wire depends on the size of the stone

2. Your stone, this can vary from a geode or crystal to jade or a rugged piece of flint. Up to you!

3. Something small and cylindrical to help wrap the wire

4. A chain of your choosing (I like mixed metals, so I chose gold since my wire was silver)

Let’s get cracking (pun completely intended)

Wire Shot 11. Take a simple piece of wire and flatten it out.

Geode wrap shot2. Place your geode in the middle of the wire and wrap the short edge around the extra wire

Without line pencil shot3.  Take something small and cylindrical, I used the tip of this mechanical pencil, and create a loop to put around a chain.

WearabilityThere ya go! I chose a vintage gold chain I came across, but you could use anything from leather to thicker chain links!



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