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I am so ready to take a little time for some serious R&R.

Even though this year is just barely a fourth of the way through, it has been one crazy year so far.

When planning a trip, deciding what I am going to take and wear is among one of my favorite parts. This year, it seems I have developed a jewel-toned street style.

Recently, I discovered that the mens t-shirts at H&M fit perfectly and give me that effortless look I’ve been searching for. I have obtained quite a few since that discovery and I love just throwing one on and giving it a little front tuck on the way out the door.

My girlfriend Ashley sent me a picture of those cat-eye sunnies at Nordstrom and I have been pretty much obsessed with them. I love the retro vibe they give off, so I’m totally stoked to wear them with my streamlined high-waisted swimsuit.

A little over one week and counting to relaxation station.


Wife C

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