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Los Vallejos | Home Finds Spring Edition

I love redecorating. I do it probably more than I should! I just love the feeling of satisfaction you get from seeing it all come together, piece by piece.

I have a lot of love for each of the stores and sites I pulled from for this post.

Los Vallejos | Home Finds Spring Edition

1. My beloved Urban Outfitters. Your one stop shop for almost everything you need. These woven banners are too cool. I have a vintage woven banner from my grandma and I am sure she would get along very well with these beauties. (The banners…and my grandma!)

2. Target did not disappoint this season. There is a lot of white and woven going on there. This bench would be perfect at your desk or nested under your side table to use at a footrest when you’re lounging. Don’t you love it?

3. If you’re brave enough to make the trek to Ikea, then this lamp should be on your list. It’s difficult to see in my photo, but it has copper detailing on the top and bottom, with exposed wire covers in a dark grey. Even better? It’s name is actually pronounceable! It’s called the “Ranarap.”

4. We love a good cactus. But we really love a good cactus in a sweet skull planter. Etsy, get down with your bad self!

5. Another Etsy treasure is this raw, hammered copper business card holder. Think about how amazing your business cards would look in your home office?


The thing I love most about these items is their versatility and ability to transcend the seasons. Add pops of color with fresh flowers and you’re ready to go for spring and summer!


Wife C

Image via Style Me Pretty

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