CV + CV :: Bar Cart

Over the weekend I went to my favorite antiques and primitives shop in Arlington. It is truly a gem.

We’ve been looking for the perfect coffee table and I thought this would be just the place. It is definitely the right place – but we didn’t end up with a table this time.

We all know bar carts are totally trending right now and we found the perfect one for us. Vallejo Bar Cart Brightly colored and the perfect size. Get out of town!Pantone Glasses

We already had these Pantone glasses from Anthropologie (they don’t have them anymore, but these are a super fun alternative!)Poppin Bottles All the bottles fit perfectly on the bottom shelf because it was slightly bigger than the top. Word of advice, if I may. We had a smaller bar cart previously but it didn’t have a lip on the edge and I was always so worried the glasses and bottles would fall off. That fear is no more! Details TogetherI found that black and white canister at the same little shop. Too perfect right?

My favorite is this retro coffee pot that we’re currently using to hold some bright yellow tulips and billies 🙂 Flowers 1And finally…I just couldn’t resist…Geode Love

I hope this encourages you to go out and find a fun piece that you love!


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