CV + CV :: Back in Action // Thanksgiving

Hello again!

Sorry about the delay in updates, we’ve been a little (too) busy the past couple of days…weeks? No, months. It’s been some of this and some of that, but we’re back and ready to rock and roll.

We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! We definitely did. Since we’re still newlyweds, we are getting used to splitting up the holidays between our two families.

There is never enough time with each of them.

The good news? Having two Thanksgivings was double the food and double the fun! My parents had the traditional turkey, cornbread stuffing and cranberry sauce.

But Claudio’s family had an assortment of tamales, enchiladas, rice and beans!


It was really nice to mix things up a bit and really enjoy our own cultures, together.

Thanksgiving is probably my second favorite holiday, behind Valentines Day. This year is a year for changes, new traditions and growing as a family. I am especially thankful this year for everyone in our life.



We are both really excited for Christmas and New Years…they’re right around the corner!

Here are some links for some great DIY gifts:


If you enjoy reading about our adventures, then get ready for a really fun week. Austin City Limits, Our First Annual Potluck, literally the BEST nail polish color for any season…and the list goes on!

So get ready…because we’re on the move!

There is always more to come.


Wife C


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