CV + CV :: Home Cooking // Grapevine, TX

Remember how we said we love food? Like, really love it?

Well, last week we went to a birthday dinner for CV1’s sweet father. The BIG 50 this year! The Vallejo’s love authentic Mexican food, which means we get to tag long for some great tacos and horchata!

There is this great little place in Grapevine, TX right off Main Street called Taqueria Burritos Locos.

Los Vallejos Blog // Grapevine, TXWe always come here on Friday nights. They have a live mariachi!

And if you read our last post, you know how much we love a good mariachi.

The Vallejos know good authentic Mexican food when they see it, and this place is the real deal. So real in fact, that most of the menu is in Spanish…For a Southern Sweetheart like me, I know I like “carnitas”, “horchata” and “frijoles”. But I leave the rest up to CV1.

We absolutely love this little hole in the wall. Here’s a pro tip: They give out free beer if you’re eating! We love their assortment of tacos, cinnamon-y horchata and festive atmosphere.

Let us know if you try it, they won’t let you down!


There is always more to come


Wife C

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