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With each new season comes new trends and quirks. New little treasures to place around the house and quirky outfits that make you smile. I can say wholeheartedly that fall is my favorite season. It’s when the leaves turn amber shades, when family comes together and on a personal note, it always makes me nostalgic for when I fell in love with my husband.

This year, my favorite trend is anything fox related.

I love their pouffy little tails, the orangey color of their fur and the little heart shaped noses. I just love all the things! I’ve picked out some of my favorites for this season.

How about this foxy man from Etsy shop Chasing the Crayon? I just want to cuddle with him! Her whole shop if full of whimsy and precious prints. I want them all!

Los Vallejos Blog // via Etsy

How about this cozy sweater from Urban Outfitters? I want to pair it with leggings, boots and a big scarf! (Check out ways to tie a scarf from TPA in related articles!)

Los Vallejos Blog // Via Urban Outfitters

Wouldn’t this rug from Anthro be just precious? Picture it now! I see it in my entry way welcoming everyone that comes through our door.

Los Vallejos Blog // Via Anthro

Just dropping by to say hello? How about this perfectly adorable card from Rifle Paper Co? I would be delighted to receive this happy little guy.

Los Vallejos Blog // Via Rifle Paper Co

What are your favorite fall trends?


There is always more to come!



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