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Bonjour beautiful people!

Recently, we have had some questions as to why we started our blog. Right now it is evident, blogs are booming in the universe. Most can be considered Lifestyle Blogs. These are sites that dive into a wide variety of topics. DIY, fashion, recipes, photography, etc… Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess do a fabulous job at giving their followers a peak into their lives. You feel like you know them. One of my dearest friends, Brittany, has started That’s Pretty Ace. A blog full of clean lines and pictures perfect.

The goal of our little bloghome is to inspire you. Inspire you to create with your hands, travel the world, love freely and give often. We have a passion for living and making our universe a happier place to live.

Selfishly, this is a creative outlet. Most of our days we aren’t living up to our full creative potential but with this blog we get a little closer to reaching a happy medium between reality and dreams.

 If you have comments or questions, please feel free to ask. If something we post speaks to you and encourages you to get out and do something, share it with the world! These words on the screen are meant to move you. May our travels be guides to your own adventures and our style beckon at your own.




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