CV + CV :: Gathering Goods // Packing for Spain

At my senior prom I was voted “Best Dressed” of my class. It’s really the only thing I’ve ever won and some of my friends like to tease me because I am a grown woman still yapping about high school.

But even though there was no trophy or anything more than my picture in the yearbook, it was very special to me and still is. It meant that the person I was portraying through my clothing was someone that my classmates admired.

I love clothes, putting together outfits is like a work of art in which you can express how you’re feeling. Take, for example, why people wear black to funerals and why a bride wears white on her wedding day. Colors and clothes matter.

I am fortunate that I have a husband that is actually jealous of my award from senior prom. He loves looking his best and we find oursleves bonding over a new trends.

With that being said, we have to start packing in advance when we go on trips and such. If we didn’t…it would be chaos.

We are leaving for Madrid, Spain next week and we could not be more excited! We’ve started to pack a few things and I wanted to fill you in on some of our essentials.


The weather is Spain is in the mid-eighties during the day then falls to mid-sixties in the evening and into the night time. So we need to prepare for anything.

When we went to Paris last year, it was freezing and raining. Unfortunately, that trip was more of a learning experience since we didn’t bring anything heavier than blazers. Needless to day, we will be ready for anything on this adventure. Swimmys and winter coats will both be coming with!

We both picked up some new kicks for our trip. We probably need more shoes like the beach needs sand but these were just too good, there was no way they were getting left behind.

Los Vallejos Blog

Hers: Anthro // His: H&M

My sweet mother-in-law always brings back a pair of huaraches for me from Mexico every time she visits. They’re so comfortable and absolutely the cutest shoes in the world! Can I just bring all of them??

Los Vallejos Blog

Claudio loves his short sleeve button ups. Rightfully so, he looks so handsome in them! We both go through hat phases but I have to admit, his page-boy hat phase is my absolute favorite.

Los Vallejos Blog Los Vallejos Blog

I am taking a lot of flowy, solid-colored items. I love the simplicity of textured solids. Articles like lace and tule are a gift form above.

Los Valljos Blog

How could I go anywhere without my trusty chambray? It literally goes with everything, in every season and will never go out of style. At least, not in my book.

Los Vallejos Blog

Our clothes make us feel like we can show the world who we are without saying a word. 

We will be posting more about our Spain adventures over the weekend and hopefully some photos while we’re there. It is going to be a beautiful experience.


There is always more to come.


Wife C


  1. Packing is an art in itself…you guys have done well! I remember a little girl who looked beautiful in toiling and lace…still does. You both will leave a stylish mark in Spain.

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