CV + CV :: Turn Table // REdecorate

One of my passions is redecorating.

I love decorating, too. But redecorating is my favorite. I enjoy taking things that I already own and putting them together in new ways. Moving trinkets from one room to the next and giving them new life! It’s like going shopping…but it’s free.

We picked out our harvest table at a thrift store and it’s the best find in the world. It has these two amazing chairs and a fabulous bench. YES, I said bench. I could just stare at it all day. Not to mention, CV1 and I carried it up to our third floor apartment all by ourselves.

When you walk in the door to our happy little place, you are greeted by our dining room. Complete with record player and mini bar set up.

Image via Los Vallejos BlogImage via Los Vallejos Blog

Our table was first decorated with some dishes we received from the wedding and a recurring fresh flower bouquet. Which, was beautiful. But I am a fan of change and there comes a time when I am just dying for a new look.

Image via Los Vallejos Blog

Inspired by a photo from A Beautiful Mess blog, I used some of our engagement pictures (via Taylor Lord) and put them in jars-for-frames.

Image via Los Vallejos Blog

We usually eat in the living room…so the table gets to be a work of art. Obsessed.

I encourage you to to walk around your home and find things that speak to you. Help give your once loved treasures new life.

There’s always more to come


Wife C

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