CV + CV :: So… // 2013 VMA


Last night I went to the cutest Girls Night In at That’s Pretty Ace’s sweet little home. Be on the look out for her post coming soon! (Don’t worry, I’ll report back when it’s up)

We painted our nails and sipped on pink sangria, it was adorable. We soon remembered the Video Music Awards were schedule to air and there was rumor that N*Sync was going to have a reunion. Being children of the nineties we were so excited for the possibility to lay eyes on JC again. And let me be the first to say what everyone was thinking…Out-of-the-closet Lance is a babe!


A few quotes from the evening ::
“He’s white?” // In regards to Macklemore
“Does her tongue have a Twitter?” // In regards to Miley
“Does Zac Efron even have an album out?” // In regards to confusing Zac for Robin Thicke

We’re really funny.

I learned that I know a whole lot about Pop Culture, more than I thought I did. It must be subliminal information just seeping into my brain as I go through life.


Besides a fabulous girls night and Bruno winning his well deserved Astronaut…we have to bring up Miley. How can we NOT talk about her performance?

Teddy bears, indescribable hairdo and a furry costume turned latex? Wowza.


It was not complex, but very confusing all at the same time. A lot like a hit and run…you know something bad just happened but you’re confused and you’re just not sure what to do with your hands.

N*Sync did indeed make an appearance! Singing a few bars of Bye Bye Bye with front man JT, winner of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award. His acceptance speech was nothing less than classy, thanking his old bandmates and paying them homage by saying they would all share the trophy.

How about all the outfits? I have to say, Machlemore stole my heart with that skinny minty suit.


Did you watch the VMAs?
What did you think?
Who was your favorite?

I encourage positive facts and opinions

There’s always more to come


Wife C

PS – I was, obviously, not at the 2013 MTV VMAs. So all images are from MTV Website and can be seen HERE

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