CV + CV :: Part 1 // Austin, TX

Let me start by saying, WE LOVE AUSTIN. We seriously love Austin. We stayed for 2 nights and it was fabulous!

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

We rolled in Friday night and met up with my good friend. He took us out to a couple of super mod bars. First, we went to the East Side Showroom. This bar was so rad. The music was some kind of polka fusion and the drinks were a work of art. It took us about fifteen minutes to get the drinks but let me tell you, WORTH IT. Claudio had an ‘Old Fashioned’, which is not only a classic… but he looked so suave drinking it.  I had ‘The Gilmore’ it was a delicious twist of vodka, pear, pineapple, lime and elderflower. Have you ever heard of Elderflower? If not, you must try it. Last New Year I was out shopping with my girlfriend Ashley, from Letter a photo, and we picked up a bottle to try it. Our life was changed on that day!

Anyways, back to Austin.

The next bar we went to was called ‘Easy Tiger’. It is a specialty beer and wine bar with the most excellent patio you have every seen! I had the Domaine Lafond Tavel Rose, it’s a very dry wine with fabulous strawberry and cinnamon undertones. Claudio had one of their specialty beers, Ommegang Hennepin. It has a very citrusy taste, like a blue moon. We were certainly satisfied!

East Side treated us very well.

Saturday morning we got up and went to El Tacorrido. Just saying the name is making my mouth water! So many options! Their breakfast tacos are the absolute best. They had all the right toppings…chorizo, ham, bacon, potatoes, cheese AND cactus! Yes, cactus. But the best part was this drink call ‘The Equinox’. It consisted of half horchata and half espresso. I’m dying. It was phenomenal  (potentially the best hang over cute)

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog



There’s always more to come!


Wife C

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