CV + CV :: Bead Me Up // Sunday DIY

What a weekend it has been!

We visited the great city of Austin, Texas and had such a fabulous time. Counting down the days until our “We’re moving to Austin” blog post. Which, don’t worry everyone, doesn’t event have a remotely close posting date.

Anywho, I decided to share some of my weekend DIY projects in hopes it will inspire you to work with your hands and create something. Today we’re making a simple bracelet. I am no professional DIY-er but I am great in my own mind and creating makes me feel at peace.

I have always loved the royal blue and white dishes my grandma had growing up. I have since inherited some of it (which you will get the chance to see when we post the grand tour of our homestead) and they are a very special treasure to me. So, when I saw these beads today I couldn’t resist!


Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Start by finding some beads you love. I like the bigger chunky style, but small dainty is so sweet & feminine, you really can’t go wrong!

I have pretty tiny wrists – so I only needed one strand of pretties.

To keep this project simple, I chose to make an elastic bracelet. (We’ll get to the more advanced stuff later, believe me, the possibilities are endless!)

Here’s your toolbox


Image via Los Vallejos blog

Before committing with the scissors, size the elastic cord by wrapping it around your wrist, being mindful to leave extra for the knot and some room to grow…don’t forget it needs to fit over your hands which are obviously slightly wider.

Once measured, snip the cord, leaving even more room than you think you’ll need (because you’ll probably end up needing it.) I like to double up my elastic cord. So, cut another piece the same size and tie a small knot to keep them together. This knot will not be big enough to hold the beads on that side, so its best not to try to pick it up just yet.

Thread the beads onto the cut and knotted cords. I just placed it on the ground and fed them on so they couldn’t slide off.

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Last, pull the two ends together and cross the strands. Fold one end under the other so you have the first half of a knot. Repeat the folding process, just like you would with any knot and pull tight. Do this 3 times to ensure the knot won’t come unraveled. Your knot should look similar to this:

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Slide the closest bead over the knot and you’re finished!

Optional advice, place a dab of super glue on the knot. It just gives you a little extra peace of mind.

Image via Los Vallejos blog

Image via Los Vallejos blog

I am so happy with my new little jewelry friend. She’s so cute! I hope yours turns out just the way you like it. I’m thinking I may add a tassel or maybe some fringe? Like I said, the possibilities are endless!

There is always more to come.


Wife C

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