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When Claudio proposed in the quaint little town of Giverny, France, just a few minutes outside of Paris and home of Claude Monet and his breath taking gardens. I was over the moon! I wish I could capture that moment in a bottle and open it every time I feel like crying.

Image via Los Vallejos Blog

Image via Los Vallejos Blog – Giverny, France – Monet’s Gardens

I’m a crier. I will openly admit it and I accept this about myself. I shed a tear when I am happy, I sob when I’m sad and I turn into Niagara Falls when I’m driving to school at 6:30 in the morning. It’s like a sweet release of all my emotions that I’ve been keeping inside. I feel better after I cry and sometimes I think if I cried every day, I would never feel stressed! But I digress.

Usually by the time I get to school on those sleepy mornings I am fresh faced and ready to go. As a PR major, putting on that happy face is crucial. Arthur Page says to always, “Stay calm, patient and good humored.”

I work a full time job at a Learning Center doing exactly what I am going to school for. On top of sales, I take care of scheduling, operations, inquires, event coordinating, making the kids smile and most importantly – reassuring their parents daily that their child is receiving the best education possible. I love my job. But, the 12 to 13 hour days really get to me during the school year. Hence, the tears…

To ease the pain, I choose a few items to purchase that will daily brighten my life. For instance, I just pre-ordered the most adorable planner for the year ahead. Portland based independent publishers, Little Otsu, where Yvonne and Jeremy have a mini-store front in San Fran and they do it all. I giggled when I read on their website, “When we’re not working on an LO project, filling orders or updating the online shop, we’re most likely…cleaning up after our cats, watching bad TV or good movies.” I purchased the Little Otsu Annual Vol. 8 Weekly Planner. The days and dates are blank so I can begin filling it in as soon as it arrives. I am so excited about this little treasure, I can barely stand it!

Image via Little Otsu

Image via Little Otsu

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all about aesthetics or material happiness. In fact, the unwavering support from my husband is more than enough to keep me going. (The cute planners are just a bonus)

I never thought I would be married and still in school, but let me tell you, it has been a wonderful experience. Claudio and I were raised differently when it came to school. With that being said, it was a little bit of an adjustment for both of us but absolutely for the better. He challenges me and pushes me to want to be better for myself and he is my hero for that. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be in the same boat without his encouragement and the amount of fear that has been instilled from not wanting my husband to be disappointed in me…It is safe to say that my grades have significantly improved.

Life in the Vallejo home gets a little hectic August through, well, let’s be totally honest here, all the way through June. Summers are where the relaxation and rejuvenation take place but unfortunately for this year…that season is coming to a close.


On the bright side, we’re taking one last summer hurrah and going to Austin for a long weekend.

There is always more to come.


Wife C

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