CV + CV :: Joe T Garcia’s // Fort Worth, Texas

We love food.

Seriously, we love food.

One of our favorite spots is a happy little joint out in Fort Worth called Joe T Garcia’s. They only have 3 things on the menu…





If you’re reading this and you’ve been there, then you know why an establishment that only has 3 items is so popular. Some will say they go for the atmosphere and don’t get me wrong the atmosphere definitely is festive! Strung lights, a beautiful water feature and one very talented mariachi. What’s not to love?

Others will say they go for the food. Enchiladas filled with stringy, cheesy goodness, rice and beans straight from your abuelas kitchen and fajita meat that mixes perfectly with sweet peppers and fresh guacamole. Mouth watering, indeed! But let’s be honest. Most of us go for those over the top margaritas.

Pink Drink

Image via Los Vallejos Blog

When you arrive at Joe T’s, you are greeted by an intimidating drive around the parking lot. It is rare that there are any vacant spaces even remotely close to the front. But it’s okay, it adds to the suspense of the evening! After you put ‘er in park, my advice is to go ahead and check your heels at the door. However, if your outfit just can’t live without them, no worries, you probably won’t be able to feel your feet soon enough.  As you round the corner to the main entrance you will stumble upon a line that rivals one you may see at a very popular amusement park ride. Do not fret, my friends! Libations are en route. It is best to travel in pairs to this Tex Mex delight because as one of you saves the spot in line, the other goes to fetch a pitcher of this infamous adult beverage. Cups are stacked high with salt and lime and you should always designate a “pour-er”, this person would have even a silver of background in the food service industry so as to not waste a drop of this nectar of los dioses. By the time you are seated, the pitcher is gone and you are faced with the choice of what to eat for dinner. (This is why there are only 2 items, otherwise there would be chaos)


The atmosphere comes alive and you enjoy an evening with friends and loved ones.

Friends and Family

Image via Los Vallejos Blog

We can speculate there is everclear and gallons of tequila swirling around with the limejuice and salt, but who really knows. I’d rather leave the details out and count this place as one of our favorites for life.

There is always more to come.


Wife C

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